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List of Who is server's by there domain extensions

ac ; Ascension ;whois.nic.ac;No match for
ad ; Andorra ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
aero ; Global ;whois.information.aero;is available
af ; Afghanistan ;whois.netnames.net;No Match
ag ; Antigua & Barbuda ;whois.nic.ag;does not exist
al ; Albania ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
am ; Armenia ;whois.nic.am;No information available
as ; American Samoa ;whois.nic.as;Domain Not Found
at ; Austria ;whois.nic.at;nothing found
au ; Australia ;whois.aunic.net;
au ; Australia ;whois-check.ausregistry.net.au;Available
net.au; Australia ;whois.connect.com.au;
net.au; Australia ;whois-check.ausregistry.net.au;Available
be ; Belgium ;whois.dns.be;No such domain
bg ; Bulgaria ;whois.digsys.bg;
bi ; Burundi ;whois.cd;
biz ; Global ;whois.nic.biz;Not found
br ; Brazil ;whois.registro.br;
br ; Brazil ;whois.nic.br;No match for
by ; Belarus ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
bz ; Belize ;mhpwhois1.verisign-grs.net;No match
ca ; Canada ;whois.cira.ca;Not found
cc ; Cocos (Keeling) Islands ;whois.nic.cc;No match
cd ; Congo Democratic Republic ;whois.cd;No match
cg ; Congo ;whois.cd;
ch ; Switzerland ;whois.nic.ch;not have an entry
cl ; Chile ;whois.nic.cl;no existe
cn ; China ;whois.cnnic.net.cn;No entries
com ; Global ;whois.verisign-grs.net;No match for
com ; Global ;whois.crsnic.net;No match for
com ; Global ;whois.networksolutions.com;There is no match
com ; Global ;whois.internic.net;No match for
com ; Global ;whois.centralnic.com;No match
com ; Global ;whoisfinder.com;No match
com ; Global ;ripe.net;No match
com ; Global ;truewhois.com;No match
coop ; Global ;whois.nic.coop;
cx ; Christmas Island ;whois.nic.cx;No match for
cz ; Czech Republic ;whois.nic.cz;No data found
de ; Germany ;whois.denic.de;
de ; Germany ;whois.nic.de;No entries found
dk ; Denmark ;whois.dk-hostmaster.dk;No entries found
ec ; Ecuador ;whois.lac.net;No match found
edu ; United States ;whois.verisign-grs.net;
edu ; United States ;whois.internic.net;No match
edu ; United States ;whois.networksolutions.com;There is no match
ee ; Estonia ;whois.eenet.ee;
eg ; Egypt ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
es ; Spain ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
fi ; Finland ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
fo ; Faroe Islands ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
fr ; France ;whois.nic.fr;No entries found
ge ; Georgia ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
gf ; French Guiana ;whois.nplus.gf;not found in our database
gg ; Channel Islands
gl ; Greenland ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
gov ; United States ;whois.nic.gov;No match for
gr ; Greece ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
gs ; South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands ;whois.adamsnames.tc;is not registered
hk ; Hong Kong ;whois.hkdnr.net.hk;No Match for
hm ; Heard & McDonald Islands ;whois.registry.hm;
hr ; Croatia (Hrvatska) ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
hu ; Hungary ;whois.nic.hu;
id ; Indonesia ;muara.idnic.net.id;
ie ; Eire (Ireland) ;whois.domainregistry.ie;% There was no match in the IE Domain
il ; Israel ;whois.isoc.org.il;No data was found
in ; India ;whois.iisc.ernet.in;no entries found
info ; Global ;whois.afilias.info;NOT FOUND
int ; Global ;whois.iana.org;
is ; Iceland ;whois.isnic.is;No entries found
it ; Italy ;whois.nic.it;No entries found
je ; Channel Islands
jo ; Jordan ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
jp ; Japan ;whois.nic.ad.jp;No match
kg ; Kyrgyzstan ;whois.domain.kg;
kr ; Republic of South Korea ;whois.krnic.net;
kr ; Republic of South Korea ;whois.nic.or.kr;is not registered
kz ; Kazakhstan ;whois.domain.kz;No entries found
la ; Lao People's Democratic Republic ;whois.nic.la;
li ; Liechtenstein ;whois.nic.ch;
li ; Liechtenstein ;whois.nic.li;No match for
lk ; Sri Lanka ;whois.nic.lk;
lt ; Lithuania ;ns.litnet.lt;
lu ; Luxembourg ;whois.dns.lu;No entries found
lv ; Latvia ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
eu.lv; Latvia ;whois.biz;Not found
ma ; Morocco ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
mc ; Monaco ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
md ; Moldova ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
mil ; United States ;whois.nic.mil;
mil ; United States ;whois.internic.net;No match for
mil ; United States ;whois.networksolutions.com;There is no match
mk ; Macedonia
mm ; Burma (Myanmar) ;whois.nic.mm;No domains matched
ms ; Montserrat ;whois.adamsnames.tc;is not registered
mt ; Malta ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
museum ; Global ;whois.mdma.museum;
mx ; Mexico ;whois.nic.mx;Referencias de Organization No Encontradas
name ; Global ;whois.nic.name;No match
net ; Global ;whois.verisign-grs.net;
net ; Global ;whois.crsnic.net;No match for
net ; Global ;whois.networksolutions.com;There is no match
net ; Global ;whois.internic.net;No match for
net ; Global ;whois.centralnic.com;No match
nl ; Netherlands ;whois.domain-registry.nl;not a registered domain
no ; Norway ;whois.norid.no;no matches
nu ; Niue ;whois.worldnames.net;
nu ; Niue ;whois.nic.nu;NO MATCH for
nz ; New Zealand ;akl-iis.domainz.net.nz;
org ; Global ;whois.publicinterestregistry.net;NOT FOUND
pl ; Poland ;nazgul.nask.waw.pl;
pl ; Poland ;whois.dns.pl;does not exists
pro ; Global ;whois.internic.net;No match for
pt ; Portugal ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
ro ; Romania ;whois.rotld.ro;No entries found
ru ; Russian Federation ;whois.ripn.ru;No entries found
ru ; Russian Federation ;whois.ripn.net;No entries found
rw ; Rwanda ;whois.cd;
se ; Sweden ;ear.nic-se.se;No data found
sg ; Singapore ;qs.nic.net.sg;
sg ; Singapore ;whois.nic.net.sg;NOMATCH
sh ; St. Helena ;whois.nic.sh;No match
si ; Slovenia ;whois.arnes.si;No entries found
sk ; Slovakia ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
sm ; San Marino ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
st ; Principe & Sao Tome ;whois.nic.st;No entries found
tc ; Turks & Caicos Islands ;whois.adamsnames.tc;is not registered
tf ; French Southern Territories ;whois.adamsnames.tc;is not registered
th ; Thailand ;whois.thnic.net;No entries
tj ; Tajikistan ;whois.nic.tj;No match
tk ; Tokelau ;whois.dot.tk;not known
tm ; Turkmenistan ;whois.nic.tm;No match
tn ; Tunisia ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
to ; Tonga ;whois.tonic.to;No match for
tr ; Turkey ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
tr ; Turkey ;whois.metu.edu.tr;Not found in database
tv ; Tuvalu ;whois.tv;
tv ; Tuvalu ;whois.internic.net;No match for
tw ; Taiwan ;whois.twnic.net;No Records Found
ua ; Ukraine ;whois.net.ua;% No entries found
uk ; United Kingdom ;whois.nic.uk;No match
uk ; United Kingdom ;whois.ja.net;No such domain
us ; United States ;whois.nic.us;Not found:
fed.us; United States ;whois.nic.mil;
va ; Vatican City State (Holy See) ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
vg ; British Virgin Islands ;whois.adamsnames.tc;is not registered
ws ; Samoa ;whois.worldsite.ws;
ws ; Samoa ;whois.nic.ws;No match for
ws ; Samoa ;whois.godaddy.com; No match for
yu ; Yugoslavia ;whois.ripe.net;No entries found
za ; South Africa ;apies.frd.ac.za;
za ; South Africa ;whois.co.za;No information available
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