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Dedicated Email SMTP Server for Rent

SMTPServer.in™ SMTP Server Relay/SMTP server for Rent and Download the latest versions of windows based email marketing pro bulk mailer application it includes, email verifier, email extractor/list maker from txt,doc,excel,mdb,csv,eml,html,pst files. Every bulk email software requires an SMTP Server to send emails. In order to meet the bulk mail requirements of our customers we provide dedicated mail servers.
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Corporate Dedicated SMTP Email Server Solution

SMTPServer.in™ is the premier SMTP relay service provider serving both email marketing and corporate customers who require bulk email delivery directly to their clients/registered members or optin recipients' INBOX. We provide both the web based as well as windows based software and smtpserver.in powered relay server for composing, sending & tracking any volume HTML/Plain text emails. Our servers utilize high-performance operating systems and run at secure hosting centers in datacenters across the Globe with 1000MPBS Internet connectivity with disaster recovery systems and frequent backups. We have partnered with major accreditation companies with the help of which consistent INBOX delivery rate of above 90% is maintained by our servers irrespective of the volume of emails.

Our servers are able to deliver emails directly to the recipient's inbox at the high speed of maximum 20,000 to 2000,000 emails per hour.

Reputation of our servers.
Reputation of each server is maintained with the following proven methods, the result of which is the INBOX Delivery of emails.

  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework). This Internet standard combats email forgery by enabling domain owners to limit the pool of servers authorized to send messages with the given domain name in the 'From:' header. We can help you design effective SPF settings for your organization.
  • FBL (Feedback Loop ) Setup. The Feedback Loop notifies you which of your messages were 'marked as spam' by which recipients. Based on this information, you can modify your email list and messages accordingly.
  • DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail). This is an email authentication protocol that enables recipients and ISPs to validate your messages as originating with your company. Spammers often forge the return email address in the 'From:' header of their messages. DKIM, which uses public-key cryptography, allows the sender to verifiably sign legitimate emails, guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity.
  • DomainKeys. This email authentication system has been largely superseded by the DKIM standard.
  • Whitelisting. A whitelist is a list of trusted contacts whose email messages are authorized by a recipient or an ISP. Whitelisting guarantees that your messages will not be automatically blocked or placed in a spam folder.
  • Greylist Resolution. In an effort to block spam, proxy email servers often temporarily reject messages from senders that they do not recognize. For such messages to be accepted, the originating server must retry.
  • Blacklist Resolution. If you are blacklisted by an ISP, we will promptly contact the postmasters via e-mail or by telephone.

Delivery Tracking

  • We tracks and logs all phases of email message transfer, from the moment we accept a message from you to the point where the message leaves our system. We also store all responses from recipient servers in our tracking database, and analyze them to determine which of your emails have failed to reach their intended recipients, and for what reasons.

Create an Email

  • Creating an email newsletter is easy – just point and click, drag and drop!
  • Use the step-by-step Email Wizard to create your email newsletter.
  • Promote your social media pages in your emails – insert links to your pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!
  • Bring your news and promotions to life with pictures – for FREE!
  • Schedule welcome emails or commonly sent messages with Email Autoresponder
  • Add your colors and logos to one of our 400+ email templates

Grow Your Email List

  • Simple ways to grow and manage your email list
  • Grow your email list with Forward-to-a-Friend and Join My Mailing List tools
  • Import your email list trouble-free, from your Gmail contact list, Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook Express®,
  • Import or export email lists as .csv or .txt files
  • Use our registration form to capture additional contact information
  • Manage bounce and unsubscribe information so your emails get to people who want them
  • Access each individual contact's details anytime, from any computer
  • Segment your list by interest or other criteria to target your messages

Track and Report

  • Get real-time results
  • Open and click tracking lets you see who received and opened your emails, and what links they clicked
  • Monitor your list growth and attrition
  • See bar and line graphs of your email campaign results, showing open rates, click-throughs, bounces, and more
  • Use advanced list management tools for more in-depth analysis
  • Compare how your last 50 emails performed against similar businesses and nonprofits (for example, restaurants or religious organizations)

Reliable Delivery

  • Get more than 90% inbox delivery—all the time (need technical work around)
  • SmtpServer.in™  email inbox delivery averages above 90%
  • Our Anti-Spam Checker flags areas on your email that may be stopped by ISPs
  • Templates are format-tested in major email programs, so your emails will look perfect when they arrive in the inbox
  • Our in-house Compliance and ISP Relations teams provide additional levels of back-up before and after your email goes out
  • Rely on Constant Contact's anti-spam industry leadership, permission-based email practices, and positive reputation

Additional Enhancements

  • Make your email marketing even more powerful
  • Customize our templates with your own HTML email designs
  • Use our Custom Services team for a one-of-a-kind template design
  • Use our APIs to integrate with other business applications
  • Expand the audience for and value of your emails—turn them into instant web pages with Email Campaign Archive
  • Add MyLibrary Plus and get up to 50 MB of image and document storage, access to thousands of images in the Stock Image Gallery, file management tools (organize, sort, and label images and PDFs), and image resizing.

Get Live Email Marketing Help From Real People!
Good customer relationships are important to you. And they're important to us, too. That's why we've got real people there for you whenever you need help getting started with SMTPserve.in Email Marketing — whether it's a friendly voice on the phone, in–person seminars and resources, or even our live daily demo. Check them out!

Note:We dont allow purchased list spamming and scamming/forged emails, spamming, scamming people please excuse, if we receive any spam, scam complaint then we will immediately shutdown your service and your funding will be set to zero amount.

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